Grants and subsidies for solar panels

Solar panels subsidies

In 2024, there will continue to be grants and subsidies for the installation of solar panels, with the aim of continuing to facilitate the transition to renewable energy. If you install solar panels at home, you can benefit from reductions in Property Tax (IBI) and Tax on Construction, Installations and Works (ICIO), as well as taking advantage of deductions in Personal Income Tax (IRPF). European Next Generation subsidies are not available at the moment.

What subsidies are available for solar panels?

There are currently different types of subsidies available for photovoltaic installations. At Sunhero, we help you with the procedures for all of them so that you don’t have to worry about anything. On one hand you have the European subsidies and on the other the grants based on each Spanish municipality.

1. Grants for solar panels

In Spain, apart from the European subsidies, the following allowances and deductions are available.

IBI deduction

IBI (Real Estate Tax) deduction

The IBI (Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles) is compulsory and is paid annually, depending on the amount and the period for payment, depending on what each municipality establishes. Many Spanish municipalities are offering a rebate on this tax for homeowners who have installed photovoltaic systems.

The municipalities are in charge of managing this procedure and defining the rebate percentage and the duration of the rebate. Some municipalities offer rebates of up to 50% for several years. The IBI rebate can be applied for in different ways: electronically, by register or in person at the town hall.

ICIO deduction

ICIO deduction

The ICIO is the Tax on Constructions, Installations and Works. It is an indirect tax that must be paid on any construction, work or installation for which a building or urban planning licence is required.

Currently, in many Spanish municipalities there are bonuses for these taxes. The percentage of the rebate is established by each locality. The rebate usually ranges from 30-95% in most cases.

The ICIO rebate can be applied for online or by going to your local registry office.

IRPF deduction

IRPF deduction

With the installation of a photovoltaic system at home, it is possible to obtain a deduction of between 20 and 60% in Personal Income Tax, depending on the energy improvement obtained in the home.

This deduction can be applied for by those who have carried out work on the installation of photovoltaic solar panels at home before 31 December 2023.

In order to be able to accredit this energy improvement and to be able to determine what percentage reduction applies in each case, an energy certificate must be drawn up prior to the installation and another one afterwards. In this way, it will be established whether the deduction is 20%, 40% or 60%.

2. European subsidies – Next Generation

Currently, Next Generation grants are not available. We are awaiting future updates and will provide more information as soon as it becomes available.

The subsidies for solar panels included in the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan are financed with European “Next Generation” funds. These grants are divided into 6 different programmes and each call is designed to promote a type of installation among companies or individuals.

Who can apply for solar panel subsidies?

Solar panel subsidies available for homes

Within the “Next Generation” funds there are subsidies to finance the installation of solar panels, batteries or aerothermal energy for homes, public administrations or the third sector. These are incentive programmes 4, 5 and 6, for individuals.

  • Incentive programme 4: subsidise the installation of solar panels for self-consumption in the residential sector, public administrations and the third sector, with or without storage.
  • Incentive programme 5: subsidise the installation of solar batteries in the residential sector, public administrations and the third sector.
  • Incentive programme 6: subsidise the installation of thermal renewable energies in the residential sector (thermal panels or aerothermal)

Subsidies for solar panels for companies and the self-employed

Within the “Next Generation” funds, there are subsidies for solar panels for companies, SMEs and the self-employed. Incentive programmes 1, 2 and 3 are available to them:

  • Incentive programme 1: subsidise the installation of solar panels for self-consumption in the service sector, with or without storage.
  • Incentive programme 2: subsidise the installation of solar panels for self-consumption in other productive sectors, with or without storage.
  • Incentive programme 3: subsidise the installation of solar batteries in the service sector and other productive sectors.

How to apply for Next Generation subsidies for solar panels?

  1. Application for the subsidy: This consists of choosing 1 of the 6 programmes and sending all the documentation through the website of the corresponding Autonomous Community.
  2. Resolution and awarding of the subsidy: The presentation of the subsidy does not imply its award. For this, it will be necessary to wait for the list of beneficiaries of the programme to be published in the National Database of Subsidies and filter by Autonomous Community or Autonomous City.
  3. Justification of the installation: The implementation of the subsidy must be justified to the autonomous region and the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE). There is a period of 18 months to justify the subsidy. If more time elapses than the period established by the autonomous region, the right to the subsidy may be lost.
  4. Payment of the subsidy: Oncethe aid has been justified and all the formalities have been completed, the State will pay the subsidy into the account number provided.

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Frequently asked questions related to solar panels subsidies and grants

Currently, there are different grants and subsidies available for photovoltaic systems in Spain. On one hand, there are subsidies from the European “Next Generation” funds, which amount to 600 euros per kWp installed. There are also IBI rebates of up to 50% for several years. The percentage of the rebate and the years of duration depend on each municipality. Finally, it is possible to obtain a deduction in the IRPF of between 20 and 60%, depending on the energy improvement obtained in our home.

The time it takes to receive the subsidies for self-consumption systems with solar panels depends on the type of subsidy applied for and on each autonomous community, as each one has specific times for this. Normally, within 6 months of applying for the subsidy, the autonomous community will give an answer as to whether or not it has been granted. From this moment on, the payment of the approved aid may take more than a year to be made.