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We handle all the required documentation for your photovoltaic system, taking care of permit application and legalisation. We also assist you with available subsidies for self-consumption.

We support you throughout every phase of the process and remain by your side even after the installation is complete, providing continuous monitoring and necessary guarantees in your solar panels system.

We design your PV system and your payment plan

At Sunhero, we make solar energy accessible and affordable. We offer flexibility in payment options including financing on solar panels of up to 12 years and no upfront payment.


One-time payment

No initial investment and fixed monthly fee

from 39 /month

First payment after 2 months
Repayment up to 144 months on best conditions
Up to 25 year product warranty
Subsidies and tax incentives
Maintenance plans available

We support you with all solar panels subsidies applications

Take advantage of the subsidies for solar panels and reduce the investment in your photovoltaic system. Find out about the requirements of the subsidies available for self-consumption.

Save up to 70% on your bill and plan for your future consumption

Maximising your photovoltaic system is not always the best solution. Our specialists analyse your current electricity bill and plan a system according to your future needs.

electricity bill detail
solar panels installation

Why switch to self-consumption?

Generate your own energy

Generate your own energy

Become independent from your electricity provider and consume your own renewable energy.

save 70%

Save up to 70%

Lower your electricity expenses and bid farewell to worries about rising energy costs. Take advantage of subsidies to reduce payback.

Take care of the planet

Take care of the planet

Reduce your CO2 emissions and create a better future for our planet. We can all be heroes!

A team of experts by your side

With over 100 employees working across the country, we bring local knowledge to every project

experts in solar energy

Solar energy specialists

We are not sales representatives. We are solar experts! We are here to help solve your energy needs and provide clear and simple explanations.

We get to where you are

We get to where you are

We bring PV solutions directly to your doorstep, however remote. Our teams are experienced with requirements of different regions, both geographical and administrative.

Certified installers

Certified installers

Our installers are committed to customer satisfaction. They hold certifications and undertake regular training to ensure that our installations meet the latest industry standards.

Known from national and international media


Thousands of successful installations and happy customers in every corner of the country!

custom solar panels design

My experience with Sunhero has been very positive. Everything went according to plan. They have supported me in everything necessary for the application for grants and have shown a great predisposition to solve all my doubts about the operation and optimization of of the installation.


Fuenlabrada, C. de Madrid

10 panels - 6 kWp

solar energy in a house installation

In one word 'Excellent' from start to finish! Their multilingual team have a high standard of knowledge in the industry. Furthermore they dealt with all the administrative processes for legalisation and subsidies. I have a quality installation at a good price, no hesitation in recommending them.


Girona, Cataluña

13 panels - 5.6 kWp

solar panels in roof

Regarding sunhero I have had a spectacular and very close treatment. They have always answered all my questions and solved any problem. Regarding the installation, everything works perfectly and top brands.


Cartagena, Murcia

8 panels - 3.6 kWp

testiomanial of client with solar panels

The truth is that it has been a pleasant experience, there have been no surprises and everything has gone according to the schedule they give you, everything has gone according to plan. With these things I have my doubts. There are things to improve, nothing is perfect, but the overall assessment is good.

José Manuel

Santander, Cantabria

11 panels - 4.9 kWp

solar installation photo from a client

It is a company with excellent professionals and great customer service. That's why I have recommended Sunhero to my neighbors and friends because I can trust that they will be provided with a high-quality solution that fits their needs at a very competitive price.

Juan Carlos

Marratxinet, Islas Baleares

8 panels - 3 kWp

solar roof of a house

It is a serious company that keeps you informed of the entire process. The assembly is very good. I've only been working for a week but so far so good everything. I practically have 98% self-consumption.


Granada, Andalucía

8 panels - 3.6 kWp

photovoltaic panels on the roof

Reliable and very competitively priced company. Very good communication from the different departments that accompanied me and advised me at all times. Serious installation company, they left everything perfectly installed and clean. Good professionals. Very happy with the installation


Villamediana de Iregua, La Rioja

6 panels - 2.2 kWp

red roof with solar panels installed

Today I can say that I have had the opportunity to meet great professionals in this sector [...] and with security I would recommend Sunhero and its excellent work team, by which I have felt accompanied from the first moment with high standards of professionalism and humanity.


Tenerife, Islas Canarias

10 panels - 3.8 kWp

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Be a hero

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