Placas solares en hoteles

Solar panels in hotels: Bet on the future

Claudia Pardo

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Solar energy is gaining ground in the residential sector, but it is also transforming the business sector, especially the hotel industry.

The truth is that more and more hotels are deciding to make the switch to solar energy, due to the long list of benefits it brings, both environmental and economic.

5 main benefits of solar energy in hotels

The transition to solar energy in the hotel sector is changing the way establishments manage their energy resources, with numerous positive impacts for both the business and the environment. Here are some of the main benefits.

Energy saving

With a photovoltaic system in place, the hotel generates its own electricity from renewable sources, offering greater independence from the grid and helping to significantly reduce electricity bills associated with conventional energy. In addition, these energy savings allow the hotel to improve resource management, which translates directly into greater long-term financial stability.

High profitability

The installation of a photovoltaic system in hotels is a very profitable investment, as it offers a very attractive return on investment (ROI). Although the initial investment may be high, the significant savings in electricity bills, together with the incentives and subsidies offered by governments, allow the money invested to be recovered in a very short time.


Installing solar panels and producing clean energy reduces thecarbon footprint and contributes to the fight against climate change. For this reason, more and more hotels are committed to sustainable practices, minimising their environmental impact, with the aim of aligning themselves with the increasingly demanded principles of responsible tourism.

Easy installation and maintenance

Today, the transition to solar energy in hotels is a very simple process, thanks to technological advances. Modular solar panels can be easily adapted to different structures and installation can be completed in just a few days. In addition, once the installation is complete, maintenance of the system is simple, requiring only regular checks and periodic cleaning.

Subsides and tax benefits

Going solar in hotels offers significant economic benefits thanks to various subsidies and tax advantages offered by governments and municipalities. Financing programmes for renewable energy projects are a great advantage for hotel owners, as they can reduce the initial investment and therefore improve the profitability of the photovoltaic project.

Solar panels in the Hotel Cala Club Ibiza

The Hotel Club Cala Azul decided to install solar panels for the season, seeking self-sufficiency and to be more environmentally friendly.

High electricity bills, which reached 350 euros per month even when the hotel was closed, were one of the key reasons for this investment.

The decision, led by Erica Gaggero, CEO of the hotel, reflects her strong conviction to contribute to energy savings.

This transition to solar energy symbolises the hotel’s commitment to a more sustainable future that is less dependent on fossil fuels.

Installation with Sunhero

The project was completed in less than six weeks and includes a system comprising 44 high-efficiency solar panels (24 kWp output), mounted on a triangular structure and facing south.

It is estimated that these solar panels generate approximately 43% of the electricity used by the hotel annually, covering part of the needs for air conditioning, lighting and maintenance of the swimming pools and gymnasium.

Surplus energy that is not immediately consumed is sent to the grid, and the hotel receives compensation for every kWh discharged. In addition, the hotel has complemented the photovoltaic system with electric car chargers.

Project profitability

The solar energy project offers an annual return of 27% and a useful life of 25 years. For Cala Azul, the payback is estimated at four years with an ROI of 586% at the end of year 25, generating €5.86 for every euro invested. With bonuses and subsidies, the payback period could be reduced to two years, providing the hotel with at least 23 years of additional benefits.

If you have a hotel and you want to start saving on your electricity bills while contributing to the care of the environment, don’t think twice. Contact us for a free, no-obligation, personalised quote to transform your hotel with solar energy and start enjoying its many benefits!

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