Placas solares en balcones ¿Es posible?

Solar panels on balconies. Is it possible?

Claudia Pardo

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Solar energy has become deeply integrated into our daily lives, and it is increasingly common to see homes with photovoltaic installations.

As we move forward in the energy transition and technology improves, the possibility of installing solar panels in a wider variety of spaces is expanding, a fact that reflects the increasing accessibility of solar energy.

One of the most frequently asked questions relates to the possibility of installing solar panels on balconies or terraces. In this blog article, we explain in detail how you can take advantage of these spaces to generate your own solar energy.

Can I install solar panels on balconies or terraces?

Areas that receive the most direct sunlight are the most suitable for the installation of solar panels. For this reason, elevated locations such as roofs, and rooftops, both flat and sloped, are considered the best locations for solar power.

However, if rooftop installation is not possible, you can always take advantage of any space on your property that receives sunlight. Therefore, it is possible to install solar panels on balconies or terraces.

However, it is important to respect safety conditions and to ensure that the system works properly. For example, a wrong orientation of the panels could result in insufficient use of sunlight.

The installation of solar panels on terraces and balconies is not only possible and completely legal, but it is also an alternative that is gaining popularity.

What types of solar panels can I install on balconies?

If the intention is to install solar panels on the balcony, it is important to know what alternatives are available on the market in order to select the model that best suits the space and the specific needs of our home.

On the one hand, we have the option of flexible solar panels, which, as their name suggests, are malleable and adapt more easily. This type of panel is lighter because it is made of thinner layers of silicon. Although they cannot bend completely, they can be installed on more irregular surfaces.

On the other hand, there are also portable PV kits. This is a recommended option if you are in rented accommodation, as they are much easier to handle and transport. In addition, they are also useful if you need to move them according to the season of the year, to increase their efficiency according to the solar irradiation they receive.

If we refer to the efficiency of balcony solar panels, this can vary between 7% and 21%, depending on the model and manufacturer.

How many solar panels do I need to install on my balcony?

The number of panels you can install depends on the available space in your home. The more space you have, the more solar energy you can produce.

Although this solution will allow you to save on your electricity bill, the truth is that you will hardly be able to produce enough electricity to cover the entire energy consumption of your home.

However, if you do not have the option of installing solar panels on the roof, balconies are a good alternative to approach self-consumption of energy and gain independence from conventional energy sources.

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