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7 keys to choosing your solar provider

Claudia Pardo

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The exponential growth of photovoltaics in recent years, driven by savings, environmental awareness and technological innovations, has led to an increase in the number of companies in the sector.

This situation, while offering more options, makes choosing the right supplier more complex. For this reason, in this article we discuss the seven most important points to consider when selecting a PV installation company.

1. Certified installers

Choosing a solar provider with certified installers is crucial to meet high safety and quality standards, thus optimising the performance of the PV system. Qualified professionals are key to maximising the efficiency and durability of your solar investment.

Hiring uncertified installers can lead to safety issues and affect the efficiency and lifespan of the system, and even cause serious problems on your roof.

  • At Sunhero we have our own team of expert solar installers who undergo regular training to ensure the highest quality and performance of every PV system we install.

2. Personalised study

A customised approach to the design of a PV system ensures that it is tailored to the specific energy needs of the home and that economic savings are maximised. Tailoring the right PV system avoids excess energy production and optimises the initial investment.

Offering standard solutions, unnecessarily filling the roof with panels and producing more energy than is needed in the home can be detrimental to cost savings and lead to excessive surplus.

  • At Sunhero, our team of experts design customised photovoltaic solutions. We analyse your consumption patterns, and with the use of 3D software, we can guarantee cost-effective and efficient customised solutions.

3. Component selection

The choice of quality components is essential to ensure the efficiency and safety of photovoltaic systems. In addition, using high quality materials helps to extend the lifetime of these systems, ensuring optimal long-term performance.

The use of low-quality components can lead to safety issues and low system efficiency. It can also lead to the need for frequent maintenance and non-compliance with regulations.

  • At Sunhero we use only high quality material and regularly upgrade components to ensure that our customers benefit from the latest improvements in efficiency and performance.

4. After-sales service

Effective after-sales service is necessary for the long-term success of any photovoltaic system. It not only ensures the resolution of technical problems, but also facilitates the integration of technological developments.

Poor after-sales servicelimits the ability to identify and address potential problems. It also makes it difficult to adapt to new technologies that improve the efficiency and profitability of the system over time.

  • At Sunhero, we proactively support our customers. In addition to troubleshooting potential issues, we provide ongoing monitoring and advice to ensure maximum performance of installed systems.

5. Quality of installation

A high quality PV installation is essential to ensure the smooth operation and safety of the system.

A low quality photovoltaic installation can lead to malfunctions, low yields, operational failures and major safety issues.

At Sunhero, we are totally convinced of the quality of our installations. That is why we offer a quality guarantee. If there are any problems with your system during the first 3 years, we will take care of your electricity bill until they are solved!

6. Customer Reviews

Customer reviews not only reflect customer satisfaction, but also provide details about the installation, after-sales service or customer care.

Bad reviews can point to deficiencies in the quality of the installation, after-sales service or customer service.

  • At Sunhero, we currently have thousands of satisfied families and hundreds of positive reviews on Google, Trustpilot and other solar portals.

7. Guarantee of the installation

The warranty on photovoltaic installations demonstrates a supplier’s commitment to the quality of its work. This is essential to ensure that any defects or faults are corrected at no additional cost to the owner, providing security and confidence in the investment.

Without the security of a proper warranty, homeowners could be surprised by unexpected repair costs. Not only does this impact financially, but it can also affect the long-term efficiency and durability of the system.

  • At Sunhero, our commitment to excellence is reflected in our 5-year post-installation warranty offer. This warranty highlights our confidence in the quality of our installations and our focus on customer satisfaction, ensuring that every PV system performs to its maximum potential.

If you are considering taking the step towards solar energy and are interested in a personalised study for your home, completely free of charge and without obligation, don’t hesitate to write to us!

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